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The Lemonade Studio team constantly experiments, flexing our creative muscle and pushing the possibilities as far as they’ll go.
Every project is a creative encounter, an opportunity to share, inspire and question.

We bring whimsy, creativity and freshness to each design project, within the framework of a strong central concept.
Lemonade Studio designs are bold, evocative and user-oriented. Our concepts tell a story, and we’ll design everything for your project, from unique products to culinary delights to custom-made furniture, weaving togethereach element to make that story come alive.

Everything is possible: we have the skills and know-how to deliver a concept from vision to reality.

Lemonade visualizes a strong concept, finds the perfect design solution, and then manages the process of bringing that concept into fruition.


Benoit Arfeuillere, entrepreneurial, creative and strategic leader with 13 years of international creative design experience in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, developed a global network of professional relationships with clients, suppliers and industry partners.
Known for driving creative studios’ delivery of world-class products, services and solutions.
Proven track record of exceptional design thinking, an in-depth understanding of clients’ brands and demonstrable expertise across many design disciplines.
Experienced in successful client engagement and coordination of design intent with multi-disciplinary teams.

Our Skills

Design Concept90%
Purchasing – Import60%


Designing for interior hospitality allows us to experiment with a concept, to push it as far as it can possibly go.
Lemonade visualizes a concept, finds the perfect design solution, and then manages the process of bringing that concept to fruition.
Hospitality design is all-inclusive, encompassing the space right down to the smallest of details. We create a defined and dramatic environment and incorporate product design and unique elements to heighten the experience for visitors.

Designing for interior hospitality means creating a space that allows people to sink into and become enveloped in their environment.
We play with light, textures, colors and sounds to trigger emotions and deliver an experience that will help visitors use all their senses to discover and truly enter the space.


Designing for retail space means ensuring that everything has its place and makes ergonomic sense.
Our designs take into account how the space and the objects in it are meant to be used.

We want visitors to navigate and explore the space in a way that will help them fully understand your product.


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